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We Bring the Practices of Yoga, Lifestyle Medicine and Coaching, Together

Curious about how YogaMedCo can change your work and your life? Hear from our graduates in this short-and-sweet video.


Certification Programs That Will Move You and Your Clients to Well-Being

Let's bring the practices of yoga, lifestyle medicine and coaching together. Join over 400 people from 5 continents who have trained in my evidence-informed YogaMedCo Method!

"I will always recommend...

YogaMedco, Dr. Carmack, and her team have created a precious space to nurture yoga teachers and grow human beings in all the best ways... meeting clients where they are and acknowledging our common humanity is something that I will always take with me. I can't think of a better space to have grown in my knowledge of myself, others, and the world."

Simone, Graduate of the YogaMedCo Yoga Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Personal Trainer Programs


"Words fail to fully-encompass the multilevel benefits that YogaMedCo training can bring to your life, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend YogaMedCo training programs to anyone at any level. Dr. Suzie Carmack and the YogaMedCo team are tremendous! Trainees learn safe, effective, client-centric methods is a positive, engaging environment.

- Cody, Graduate of the YogaMedCo Yoga Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Personal Trainer Programs


Meet Your New Online Community

Even those who love supporting and serving others need support themselves. That's what our YogaMedCo community is all about. Enjoy a free one-month trial so you can experience for yourself all that our YogaMedCo online community has to offer you!

So Far...So Good!

Founded in 2018 by Dr. Carmack as a small yoga teacher training company offering one training per year, YogaMedco has grown into a global training and community platform dedicated to the advancement of evidence-informed yoga. Here's what we've done so far... and we're just getting started!

A Global Agency Partner

We believe that the people who heal us, protect us, and serve the greater good need our support. That's why we are truly honored to have supported multiple government agencies with well-being programs that promote recovery from burnout. 

5 Continents in 5 Years

We believe we can go further together than we can alone. Since our founding in 2018, YogaMedCo has grown into a global training company focused on building community - providing certifications, continuing education retreats and custom well-being programs.

Over $60k in Scholarships

We believe that a career in yoga can transform lives. That's why we tithe 10% of our annual revenue to provide scholarships for students in financial need. Since our founding in 2018, we have offered over $60k in scholarships to the underserved.


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