Coaching Behind the Scenes
Part 1: The Coach's Code

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2019

Welcome aboard. This is the first in a series of blog posts about my approach to coaching. Here I am happy to take you behind the scenes to my coaching approach  and share what I call my Coaching Code. If you're a coach or if you are thinking about becoming one, I hope it is helpful for you.

In future posts, I'll share my three-step coaching process for inviting clients to work together. But for now, I thought I would start by first sharing with you how I personally approach coaching and what it really means to me. You might think of it as a personal code, or manifesto -- because it's what I stand for in coaching and it's also yet another reason why I'm truly honored to be a board-certified coach and to train coaches in an ICHWC-approved program.

Ok, here we go. My Personal Coaching Code. 


On my honor, I stand here today and promise you, my dear client, that: 

I am trustworthy – I have your (my client’s) best interest at heart. I'll meet you in what you want, and yet I am not afraid to help you with what you need. You can trust that whatever you say to me will be held in confidence, to the degree to which I am not breaking any ethical, legal or policy regulations (professionally or as a citizen). If at any time I am concerned for your well-being, I will tell you so and I will also reach out to providers or other ‘services’ to help them if I feel you have an emergent / acute need.

I am grateful for their time and their treasure  – I meet you and all of my clients where you are in the investment of your time and their treasure. I will not sell or upsell you just to earn my own living; I am the conduit through which you invest in yourself and your success. I invite you to invest in yourself (in the expenditure of time and treasure/money) to the degree to which it is not exploiting your resources NOR undervaluing my expertise. I will not give my services away for free beyond an initial consult; because I know this devalues my self-worth and the worthiness of my services, and it undercuts the value of this noble coaching profession.  I am not afraid to ask you for what I am worth, and I am also not afraid to share the bounty of my prosperity. When I succeed, I give others a demonstrative view of how they can too. 

I will show up as your coach (and won’t tell you what to do) – When I am wearing my coaching hat, it is about you, not me. I like you, but we aren't friends. This is one-sided and that helps me keep the boundaries that I need to in order to best help you. I am a facilitator -- not a teacher, trainer or a provider. I’m not here to tell you what to do, because when I do that I rob you of the opportunity of your own discoveries and growth. When permitted to do so, I do share resources and the gifts of listening and motivation to help you to define, go after, and achieve your success. I am a professional in this field that takes professional standards and board certification for health, wellness and well-being coaching seriously, so I stay up to date in health, wellness and well-being research so I ‘know what’s going on’ and ‘where to go for help.’ I am happy to accelerate your success by taking the time to learn these best and evidence-informed practices, so that I can be well-equipped to help you find the most strategic, efficient, and joyful path forward – that is truly right for you -- and to encourage you every step along the way.  I don't give cookie-cutter training coaching programs promising results because one size never fits all. I do however have a range of offerings -- for groups and individuals, so that I can help you. No session is ever the same. I customize. I facilitate. I inspire. I motivate. I encourage. And above all I listen.

I am transparent – I am not afraid to be honest with you as my client. Sometimes that feels great; other times it may be tough for both of us. If I feel coaching is at any point not right for both of us, I am not afraid to tell you (no matter how much I want to build my business). If at anytime the energy isn’t right, I am not afraid to say so. As I demonstrate my courageousness and compassion in my interactions with you, in a way that is positive and not shaming for either of us, I hope and trust it will give you the courage and compassion to do the same. I don’t make false promises or use platitudes to promote optimism; I encourage you to get real and to stay authentic. I am too. I want you to be transparent with me as well -- to tell you if coaching isn't working for you, so that we can both adjust accordingly. I am humble enough to take the feedback from you to give you "great customer service" -- and yet I am also powerful enough to express my perspective without worrying if people "like it"

I am your best team-player – I am always on your side and I hold you in positive regard. This is a no judgement zone, and you are enough already with or without me. I am lucky to get to be here to help you to accelerate your success, and to help you to not feel like you are alone. I am compassionate to your needs, wants and day-day struggles as well as your ambitions; the sky is truly our limit. I am happiest when I get to help you to move through your blocks, and to write, edit, and perform your life story in your own way – and to “be yourself because everyone else is already taken” as Oscar Wilde once said. In all of these efforts, I don’t gossip. I am also a team-player in our coaching profession; I don’t rob or poach clients because I know together we rise and its the right thing to do. I am proud of my board certification in coaching, and honored to train coaches to achieve success in this growing field -- so I hold this moniker proudly and will do all that I can to keep its respect.

I am trained and talented – I feel lucky to get to do this work, and as a clients  I'm "sorry not sorry" that you are also lucky that you get to work with me. I own that fully because I have spent a great deal of time and energy training for this, and because I know the world needs coaches (and people, especially women) who own their value and don’t deny their self-worth or their value proposition.  Every time I work with a client (professionally or personally), I have an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate my education, my expertise, and the value of coaching -- all while helping you, as my client to get to an ideal well-being state and to make the world a better place. I pay my training and expertise forward to you - and you don't have to take the time to do that training. Lucky for us BOTH.

I train in technique - Even though I have spent almost 30 years in the field, and trained 1000's of coaches formally and informally in both academic and professional settings, I never stop learning. I stay up to date with the latest techniques, because I know that keeps me humble, sharp, current and ready to help you and all of my clients and my future clients. I practice this technique just like an artist practices for a jazz concert -- I know the protocols but I'm not afraid to riff if we are in the moment, as long as it brings you back to that part where you remember that you are enough and that we got this.

Did you notice they all start with T's in their own way? Cheesy? Yes, a little. Ok, maybe a lot. But it helps me to remember them :)

Now, it's your turn:

If you're a professional coach or coach trainer like me, let me know if you have a cool code or manifesto too (and share your feedback on this one if you feel moved to do so).

If you're not a coach but are in some other type of healing profession (leadership, teaching, counseling, healthcare), let me know if this coaching code resonates for you and/or your professional practice too.

And, if you're a mind-body geek like me who knows the chakras, see if you can 'match' these to them. (If you can't don't worry - I'll do that in the next post).

I look forward to hearing from you. I only ask that we keep the discourse productive though, OK? :) Cause, haters gonna hate, and well, coaches gonna coach.

See you for Part 2 next week....


PS if you'd like some free tools to help your well-being, check out the invitation on the right. I've got a great free toolkit that will help you to practice mindful movement during your day called the "Genius Breaks Toolkit." And yep, it really is free. :)


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