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Thanks for stopping by. In addition to training coaches in my exclusive and evidence-based coaching method through my company YogaMedCo, I also maintain a private coaching practice with two arms:

In my private coaching practice, I specialize in helping high performers, high achievers and high visibility clients to get back the joy in their life.

  • My practice is informed by my status as a national board certified health coach and my scholarship in well-being.
  • Clients can work with me via zoom on a monthly or quarterly basis, or through custom in-person one day retreats that include yoga, coaching, and planning time.

In my business coaching mastermind the Genius Inner Circle, I help experts and educators to get their genius out of their head and into the world as an author, speaker, and online course developer.

  • My mastermind is informed by my 30 years of experience as a solopreneur and my experience creating, launching, and leading YogaMedCo -- turning it into a global training company on 5 continents within 3 years. 
  • The GIC meets only as a group twice monthly and also for exclusive retreats annually. 

If either of these coaching opportunities sound like they may work for you, let's get started with your first strategy session. Click on the scheduling button below to book your session.

And remember - if you aren't completely satisfied with your first trial session, I will gladly refund you. 

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Dr. Suzie Carmack

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"Suzie is fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed her method of that boosts confidence, allows for positive, incremental changes and gets results! Suzie has a strong work ethic, genuine concern for others, and a firm understanding of what makes people tick. I HIGHLY recommend her."

Don Salo
Senior Leader

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