Ready to Work Smarter Not Harder?

That overwhelm you've been feeling by trying to do




It's time for us to say buh bye...

And Replace it with Joy. 

As your confidante and coach, I'll bring my doctoral training in health communication and my 30 years of experience forward -- so you can get more strategic about the ways you are leading in your life and your work.

You'll discover that your well-being -- and the well-being of those you lead and love -- falls into place once you've got a self-leadership plan that's strategic, doable, and relevant for your unique needs -- and not overwhelming.

Ready to learn more?


But...prepare yourself.

Because you'll find that when we work together the performance outcomes you've been chasing so hard will start chasing you.

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"Suzie is fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed her method of that boosts confidence, allows for positive, incremental changes and gets results! Suzie has a strong work ethic, genuine concern for others, and a firm understanding of what makes people tick. I HIGHLY recommend her."

Don Salo
Senior Leader - U.S. Army

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