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Need a little break during your work or school day? Learn why thousands of people worldwide are taking Genius Breaks -- and how they will help you to perform better, live longer, and feel happier in as little as two minutes or less! Your FREE toolkit includes:

  • An e-book version of Genius Breaks
  • 5 Genius Break Practices Led by Dr. Carmack 
  • The Genius Break One Hour Mentor Training
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Now you can create a well-being strategy plan that brings the latest science on happiness and health to life -- so that you can thrive on a whole new level. Your toolkit includes

  • An e-book version of Well-Being Ultimatum
  • The Well-Being Ultimatum Self-Care Strategy Planner
  • The Well-Being Ultimatum Buddy Planner
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Curious about how well your well-being is today? Then take my FREE pulse check! Your results will be emailed immediately to your inbox.

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