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Well-Being Ultimatum Toolkit and Training

Less Overwhelm. More Joy.

Now you can create a well-being strategy plan so that you can thrive on a whole new level. Learn why Dr. Carmack's book Well-Being Ultimatum maintains a 5-star rating on Amazon, and why she brings WBU to so many organizations looking to build a well-being culture.

Your toolkit includes:

An e-book version of Well-being Ultimatum; the downloadable WBU Self-Care Strategy Planner & the WBU Buddy Contract


Why not find out how well you are thriving with Dr. Carmack's FREE well-being pulse check tool. You'll be taken through a series of questions designed to help you to discover how well you are thriving today. You'll then receive an email sent straight to your inbox, which will tell you your well-being results. Dr. Carmack developed this tool based on her research into the science of well-being, so you can baseline your well-being today -- and become inspired to take thriving to a whole new level tomorrow. 



What People Are Saying:

“"It has done a great deal to enhance my tools and the way I care for myself and counsel my clients about well-being and self-care."”

“The clarity provided about the damage done to those people who are “givers” that do not carve out time for themselves is striking. The remarkable thing about this book is that it describes what is taking place – a thing that in hindsight is so common, just not realized until you find yourself reading the words and nodding in agreement. Dr. Carmack’s injection of her personal experiences makes this book seem like a conversation with a trusted friend, and it quickly pulled me in to consume the book in nearly one sitting. I am grateful for the internal journey it has encouraged me to take and highly recommend it!”

“"A complete guide to making a plan for increasing your wellness and improving self-care."”