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TWO COURSE BUNDLE by Dr. Suzie Carmack

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COURSE 1: Yoga for Stress Relief

In this inspiring practice program, you'll be taken on a 12-week journey through the chakras -- with 84 different yoga practices on and off the mat.  Each week focuses on a different chakra theme, so you can move through the blocks that may be limiting your vitality. And each day offers a new practice that you can enjoy anytime in our ad-free online portal.

  • Sundays: Setting an Intention for the Week
  • Mondays: Moving Your Mindset
  • Tuesdays: Chair Practice (Genius Breaks)
  • Wednesdays: Core Conditioning
  • Thursdays: Vinyasa (Power Yoga)
  • Fridays: Restorative (Gentle Yoga)
  • Saturdays: Journaling and Reflections

Bonus Course: Yoga Wisely

In this inspiring course you'll go behind-the-scenes to learn what Yoga Teachers you can practice yoga wisely! This course is great for newcomers to yoga who are curious about how they can practice safely, and for yoga professionals who are looking for continuing ed credits (Yoga Alliance approved!)

Module 1: What is Yoga...Really?

  • Introduction to Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga - and how they can help us to live a more centered life today
  • Introduction to the Koshas -- and how this ancient framework for biopsychosocial health can help us create an 'inner compass' for joy

Module 2: Well-Being Strategy Planner

  • How you can get more strategic about your self-care and self-leadership - on and off of the mat - with a step-by-step well-being strategy
  • How to prevent, and heal from burnout and compassion fatigue by taking a systems-level approach to your Physical, FInancial, Social, Mental, Purpose and Emotional Well-Being

Module 3:Yoga Program Planner

  • How to Create a Yoga Program for Health-Related Fitness (Strength, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Endurance and Agility) Goals
  • How to Modify Your Practice Program for Medical Concerns
  • Basic Movement Science for Practicing Yoga Safely (Intro to Anatomy and Kinesiology for Yoga)
  • Deeper Dive on Musculoskeletal Anatomy (and Why it Matters) 

Module 4: Yoga Practice Planner

  • How you can create your home yoga practice with Dr. Carmack's ABCDE Method
  • How to integrate pranayama (breath strategies) and mudras (meaningful hand gestures) into your practice to deepen the mind-body-spirit connection
  • How to modify 40 postures - using Dr. Carmack's signature Traffic Light Method -- for the chair, blocks and mat


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What People Are Saying:

Wow! I am truly blown away by how comprehensive this is, and I'm very grateful, as well.


It is fascinating and extremely helpful how Dr. C breaks down abstract and complex concepts in tangible ways allowing me to analyze myself to achieve greater self-awareness and growth. I took so many notes!