Can we get real for a minute?

Ok. Here we go....

It took me 20 years of trial-and-error to build an online business and brand that thrives -- one that allows me to thrive too (without burning out).

And I know you don't have that kind of time to get your business and brand going.

That's why I want to introduce you to my Prosper with Purpose Course. 

In it I share all of the knowledge and know-how I wish someone had shared with me when I was starting out -- so you can build your own thriving business and brand.

Sound too good to be true? 

Scroll down to learn what course graduates have to say. Spoiler alert -- we've got a 5-star rating and very real results!

And... if you like what you see then enroll today and join our online community. Because your time is precious - and I want you to build a financial legacy for yourself and your family while having fun along the way. That is what Prospering with Purpose is all about!

36-hour course w/live monthly calls: Investment: $1997  

Enroll Today for Just $297! 

Offer Expires 6/15/24 

36 Yoga Alliance and NBHWC CEC's Are Included!

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What Do Course Graduates Have to Say? 

Hear What Our Course Community is Saying: 

Real Course Survey Comments from Our Growing Community...


* * * * *

"Prosper With Purpose has helped me with the stepping stones and  solid foundation upon which to build my coaching business. It has helped me realise that, yes, I do need a business plan, a marketing plan, a budget, etc even if I am a "solopreneur". These are tools that are necessary to run a successful business. The developing of each of these has empowered me to take bold steps in putting myself and my business "out there"! This is definitely a course that I will reflect back to as I work my business...SO MANY priceless nuggets!" - Zena

* * * * *

"This course has reminded me, again and again, of how everything affects everything else. I have appreciated the thought that I'm not just building a business; I'm continuing to build a life. I've been self-employed for more than 25 years, and have historically just taken things as they come. I have greatly appreciated the prompts and exercises to be more targeted about what it is I actually want. I have a much better, more cohesive plan in place for the future than ever before." - Fiona

* * * * *

"WOW! I have identified the holes in my marketing and messaging in a clear and concise way. I now have a list of things to work on instead of having just this general foggy awareness that things aren't quite right. I really appreciate the progression from basic to specific and personal to brand." - Gina

* * * * *

"I like how it aligned with the chakras and taking it step by step. I was able to truly dream, design and plan out what I was interested in and just have fun with it. I truly thought it was wonderful. I loved I could do this at my own pace and I love I can keep this to keep learning, I am hands on so this is perfect for me." - Michele

* * * * *

"Suzie's welcoming demeanor makes this course uniquely doable even in a short period of time as I needed. I would recommend this course to any coach in need of CE's or in need of fuel to launch their business...My brand feels possible, probable and inevitable!" - Lilah

* * * * *

"I really needed a business reset and this course helped me do this. Going through each module helped me hone my value proposition and offerings in the different areas of my business. I also really leaned into the numbers and updated my spreadsheets for planning and forecasting for my business. My ladder of offerings is much clearer than it was. And, I have some new business offerings that I am starting as a result of this course." - Anne

YES! I want the course, calls & CEC's