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Coaching Behind the Scenes
Part 1: The Coach's Code

Mar 25, 2019

Welcome aboard. This is the first in a series of blog posts about my approach to coaching. Here I am happy to take you behind the scenes to my coaching approach  and share what I call my Coaching Code. If you're a coach or if you are thinking about becoming one, I hope it is helpful for you.

In future posts, I'll share my three-step coaching process for inviting clients to work together. But for now, I thought I would start by first sharing with you how I personally approach coaching and what it really means to me. You might think of it as a personal code, or manifesto -- because it's what I stand for in coaching and it's also yet another reason why I'm truly honored to be a board-certified coach and to train coaches in an ICHWC-approved program.

Ok, here we go. My Personal Coaching Code. 


On my honor, I stand here today and promise you, my dear client, that: 

I am trustworthy – I have your (my client’s) best...

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