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With decades of experience and training working in all media platforms, I would love to help your audience to thrive through the power of well-being science translation.

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How can you make mindfulness really work for you?

Check out this feature article in the Mindfulness Journal Magazine where I was honored to be invited to share my Genius Break intervention as a guest well-being science expert. You'll learn my unique strategies for taking breaks well every day -- like a Genius!

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Learn more about my "why" and how I approach work/life balance in an entirely new way, after writing my first book Well-Being Ultimatum (2015).

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Learn more about my tips for working from home and getting "unstuck" with my Genius Breaks Method, in this 10 minute segment.

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Learn why Pilates Style magazine reached out to me for tips on bringing mindful movement to your work and school day.

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