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Please go HERE to listen in as I share why well-being matters to teams today more than ever, with the hosts of the Virginia Badass Podcast Candice and Michelle!

Learn more about my "why" and how I approach work/life balance in an entirely new way, after writing my first book Well-Being Ultimatum (2015).

Go HERE to see the article.

Learn why Pilates Style - an international magazine - reached out to me for tips on bringing the science of mindful movement into the work and school day. Go HERE to see the article.

In this feature segment on the award-winning public access show Ingrid's World, you'll learn more about my second book Genius Breaks, and how it can help you to stress less and move more mindfully during your work or school day.

Go HERE to see the interview.


Learn why Washingtonian reached out for my insights on fitness in this article. Go HERE to see the article.

This is the article that brought worldwide attention to my global health promotion efforts to raise awareness about sitting disease, and to promote mindful movement during the work or school day as a solution.

Editor's note: At the time this article was written (2013) I called them "centeredbeing" breaks. I would later begin calling them "Genius Breaks" in 2017, when I published my book for the same title.

Go HERE to see the article..

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