Workplace Well-Being Programs You Can Trust

Your team can't wait to get back to well-being...and I'm here to help you make it happen. I have been honored to bring work well-being programs and workshops to the team of the World Health Organization (as you can see below) and to 100's of government agencies, organizations, and c-suite leaders. I'd love to help you too.

We Can Make Well-Being Happen...Together!

Join 100's of organizations and government agencies worldwide who have elevated their team leadership, well-being and compassion outcomes with Dr. Carmack's evidence-based coaching, programming and consulting.

C-Suite Coaching

Dr. Carmack has been coaching and consulting global leaders in healthcare, military and education fields for 20 years - and is certified as a leadership (PCC) and well-being (NBC-HWC) coach trainer.

Scientific Solutions

Dr. Carmack and her team of trusted experts approach every leadership training, well-being program, and speaking event with the art and science of systems-change.

Better Than Balance

We move beyond old and outdated models of work/life balance, to train leaders and teams in Dr. Carmack's world-renowned Well-Being Ultimatum (from her #1 Best Seller).

Let's Chat

Use the link below to schedule a chat with me -- so I can learn more about your business and your current workplace well-being challenges. Then my team and I will come up with a customized well-being program proposal for you, your team, your organization, or your government agency. Let us put my 30 years of experience in the art and science of well-being program design, development and delivery to work for you and your team.

Let's Chat

"Suzie is fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed her method of that boosts confidence, allows for positive, incremental changes and gets results! Suzie has a strong work ethic, genuine concern for others, and a firm understanding of what makes people tick. I HIGHLY recommend her."

Don Salo
Retired Senior Executive and Army Colonel

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