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Genius Break Away 2024! 

Get strategic about how you invest in yourself in 2024, by planning now for our December 2024 Genius Break Away retreat. Learn more below where we are going, and how you can save time and energy with our easy payment plan.

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What is a Genius Break Away?

In my #1 best-selling book Genius Breaks (2017), I share that your genius is your unique creative spark that is connected to your dharma (inner calling) in this lifetime, that has been engineered by Source to make a lasting impact on the world. In the ancient yoga texts we learn that everyone has this genius power within them, and that it is important to take a daily sadhana (which I call a "genius break") to tap into this divine energy so we can reboot our human mind-body-heart-spirit connection and sustain ourselves in the work it takes to get our genius out into the world.

In my live events (online and in person), I love co-creating a community in which our geniuses can break free from daily demands...so we can get back to the core truths and heart-centered joy within us.

For 2024, I have exciting options for you to join me - online or in person - so you too can break into your genius...and break free from the blocks that hold your genius back.

See you soon genius!

xoxo - Suzie

Can You Take a Genius Break Away Every Month?

Well...YES You Can... In My Online Community :)

Wouldn't it be great to go away on retreat every month? We've got the next best thing here at YogaMedCo. We meet monthly with live online sessions that feel like "micro-retreats" because they include a community yoga practice, a mini-workshop and community coaching. Your month-to-month membership also includes immediate access to my 12-week Yoga for Stress Relief program (an on demand online program built for your busy lifestyle.) Join us today!

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See For Yourself...

...why so many of my one-one clients and YogaMedCo community members join me for my annual retreats year-after-year. This short-and-sweet video was filmed at my annual Genius Break Away 2023 - at Club Med Turks and Caicos. After watching, don't forget to scroll down to learn how you can join us for a retreat  soon...online or in person! 


How About a Genius Break Away Built Just for You or Your Team?

I love building custom retreats for individuals who need the VIP treatment, and for organizations that are searching for team-building experiences that reduce burnout and improve performance as well as well-being. Let's chat so we can co-create an om-mazing experience built just for you!

The first step is to book a one-hour planning session, in which I will work with you to conceptualize, plan, and design an om-mazing experience.

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