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Many people try yoga because their healthcare provider told them it would help their body to heal.

As a yoga teacher and yoga therapist I love that!

But here's the problem...

Most studio classes and online videos are one-size-fits-all. They don't equip students with the know-how they need to modify the practice based on their medical concerns and chronic health conditions.

In 2019 I set out to change that - by researching and developing a whole new yoga practice method that adapts to patient medical concerns - on and off the mat.

I call it YogaMedco - because it brings the practices of yoga, lifestyle medicine and coaching together - and I can't wait to introduce it to you! 

Learn more below about how you can experience the power of YogaMedCo for yourself. Whether you would like for me to build a custom YogaMedco program just for you or you would like to attend a certification training so you can share YogaMedCo in class and one-on-one settings, I can't wait to help you to thrive on and off the mat.

Namaste -

Suzie Carmack,


Welcome to My YogaMedCo Studio!

Offering one-on-one sessions via telehealth globally and in my home studio in Nexton, SC (between Charleston and Summerville)

"Dr. Carmack is the greatest!

I am so blessed that I experienced her kindness, passion, and devotion to safe yoga." 

- Sandra, YogaMedCo Graduate (RYT 200)


"Dr. Suzie Carmack is an exceptional teacher and mentor...

The community that you are involved in with Yogamedco is beyond anything I have experienced in my life. I would recommend Yogamedco to anyone looking to start or further their Yoga Training."

- Leslie, YogaMedCo Graduate and Mentee (RYT 500)


"Dr. Carmack has created a much needed YogaMedCo method for modern healthcare...

The most valuable aspect of this training was the immediate applicability to bringing adaptive Yoga into clinical settings. My boss is thrilled with my ability to simultaneously offer three levels of modifications to suit all levels of capability. Attendees show up at my classes in hospitals and clinics with various chronic conditions, diseases and disabilities. They all benefit, at the same time, whether in a wheelchair or wanting a sweaty workout, or any place in between." 

- Kristy, YogaMedCo Graduate (RYT 200)


"YogaMedCo was an incredible learning experience!

I would highly recommend to any aspiring yoga teachers or those wanting to deepen their practice. The focus on safety was very enlightening and I feel more confident and mindful on and off the mat. This class has had a profoundly positive impact in my life."

- MaryJane, YogaMedco Graduate (RYT 200)


"I love the way Yogamedco approaches teaching.

They care about each one of their students and they exemplify yoga on and OFF the mat.

- Audrey, YogaMedCo Graduate (RYT 200) 


"I will always recommend...

YogaMedco, Dr. Carmack, and her team have created a precious space to nurture yoga teachers and grow human beings in all the best ways... meeting clients where they are and acknowledging our common humanity is something that I will always take with me. I can't think of a better space to have grown in my knowledge of myself, others, and the world."

- Simone, YogaMedCo Graduate (RYT 200)


"Words fail to fully encompass the multilevel benefits that YogaMedCo training can bring to your life...

both personally and professionally.¬†I highly recommend YogaMedCo training programs to anyone at any level.¬†Dr. Suzie Carmack and the YogaMedCo team are tremendous! Trainees learn safe, effective, client-centric methods is a positive, engaging environment.‚ÄĚ

- Cody, YogaMedCo Graduate (RYT 500)

What Do Our Students Say?

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I can't wait to help you to thrive - on and off the mat.

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Now you can have a yoga program built especially for you - one that honors the medical needs of your mind, body and life. Book your one-on-one consultation online or in person in Nexton, SC (near Charleston, SC).

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Become a Yoga Teacher

Become a registered yoga teacher at the RYT 200 (200 hour) or RYT 500 (500 hour) level with Dr. Carmack and the YogaMedCo team. Trainings include self-paced study with empowering live online community sessions.

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Learn how you can bring the YogaMedCo method into your work with one-on-one clients in healthcare, yoga studio and community wellness settings - by getting certified as a Yoga For One Coach.

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