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Beyond the Books...

If you're curious about how you can bring evidence-informed lessons from my books into your work and life, I invite you to explore your options below!

Join Our Community

Where do you go for support for your daily practice? My YogaMedCo community! We offer courses, continuing education, retreats, and online monthly calls.

Well-Being Keynotes

That's me, in 2015, presenting an evidence-informed keynote talk on the topic of well-being to the World Health Organization. I would love to help you and your team too. Click HERE to chat.

Ready-to-Go Programs

Looking for an evidence-informed well-being program, but you're too busy to make it happen? I would love to share my well-being programs with you, that can be customized to your team's needs.

Don't Let Your Inner Light Burnout... Make Your Well-Being Ultimatum (2015)

In 2015 I decided to share my personal story of burnout and compassion fatigue -- and how I combined my well-being research with the yoga kosha philosophy framework to recover from it. I called it a Well-Being Ultimatum, because it was -- and still is -- all about making an ultimatum with yourself that you will protect your well-being from super hero syndrome once and for all!

Since then I have been amazed by so many stories of people who found the book when someone shared it with them - because they loved how the book offers a comprehensive and systems-level approach to developing a personal strategy for well-being -- that actually works for those who love helping others and often put themselves and their self-care last.

Over these past 8 years, the book has grown into a certification program, leadership development training, and  community -- offered through my company YogaMedco.

In this now best-selling book, you can learn how you can make your well-being ultimatum with me in your own unique way - while getting more strategic and self-compassionate) with your self-care. And, if you need ongoing support for keeping your well-being ultimatum, you can join my growing YogaMedco online community - an online platform where those who love helping others can receive the help they need to recharge, reboot, and reignite their inner light. 

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Let's Take a Genius Break! (Sadhana)

I smile when I see this picture, taken in 2017. I was giving a talk to a room full of physicians at their professional development event. I stopped in the middle of my presentation to lead them in a Genius Break -- a micro-break of mindfulness, movement and meaning -- to show them (rather than tell them) how important it is to pause throughout the day to center yourself and to connect to your own unique genius within.

Since publishing the book in 2017, I have been amazed by the amount of research that has been developed that has uncovered the many benefits of "micro-breaks. " They not only help us to get out of feeling stuck - in our minds and bodies - but they also improve creativity (problem solving and big picture thinking). 

If you're looking for new strategies for taking micro-breaks, so you can optimize your work day, then you'll love my book Genius Breaks. It is a quick read, and is a great gift for anyone who sits more than they move during the work day.

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