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Let's Get You Back to Joy...

As we say in yoga, there are may paths but one truth. Learn how you can apply the timeless wisdom of yoga philosopy into the practice of your life -- on and off the mat -- and bring the light of joy to your mind, body and heart.

Let's Make a Strategic Well-Being Plan

In my #1 best-seller Well-Being Ultimatum, I share my research on the study of happiness, joy, well-being and burnout, and how you can apply it in the creation of your own strategic well-being plan of action. The book bridges the gap between wisdom from yoga philosophy and modern scientific inquiry into the realm of work/life well-being -- offering timeliness guidance in self-care and burnout recovery. Since publishing the book in 2015, I have been honored to share it with 1000's of readers and organizations worldwide,

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Take a Break From Burnout 

In my #1 best-seller Genius Breaks, I share my mindful movement vitamin -- a simple and strategic framework for breaking through burnout with micro-breaks during the day that I have been honored to share with the team of the Pan American/World Health Organization (2013) and 100's of teams and events since then. Now you can learn how to assess your mind, body and heart for your daily well-being needs, and how to combine "mindfulness, movement and meaning" into the creation of your own micro-breaks for well-being -- in as little as 2 minutes per day. 

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Co-Create a Customized Yoga Program

In my next book, Yoga for One, I share my evidence-informed approach to co-creating inclusive and evidence-informed yoga programs for individuals and small groups. The book is written for yoga, healthcare and wellness professional seeking a simple and scientific strategy for co-creating yoga programs for clients that help them to achieve their work/life well-being goals without causing them harm. Yoga enthusiasts will also find the book's recommendations for modifying the practices of yoga for medical needs helpful for their personal practice.

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Let's Partner!

I believe in the power of partnership. Let's explore ways that we can promote the well-being of your team, organization, or event -- together!


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