Beyond the Books...

If you're curious about how you can bring evidence-informed lessons from my books into your work and life, I invite you to explore your options below!

Join Our Community

Where do you go for support for your daily practice? My YogaMedCo community! We offer courses, continuing education, retreats, and online monthly calls.

Well-Being Keynotes

That's me, in 2015, presenting an evidence-informed keynote talk on the topic of well-being to the World Health Organization. I would love to help you and your team too. Click HERE to chat.

Ready-to-Go Programs

Looking for an evidence-informed well-being program, but you're too busy to make it happen? I would love to share my well-being programs with you, that can be customized to your team's needs.

And Coming Soon...

Yoga for One:

How to Co-Create an Inclusive and Evidence-Informed Practice On and Off the Mat
by Dr. Suzie Carmack

Publisher: Singing Dragon / Jessica Kingsley, London

Scheduled For Release: Summer 2024


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